The Guilty Poor

by Kennedynoise

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Jack This album never gets old, makes me wanna scream and thrash every single time. Favorite track: The Screwtape Letters.
Daniel Iwaniec
Daniel Iwaniec thumbnail
Daniel Iwaniec Exactly what chaotic hardcore is supposed to be - surprising, raw, intentionally unpleasant and yet technical and groovy at times.
Also some harsh lyrics.
Definitely worth supporting. Favorite track: The Screwtape Letters.
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released September 29, 2015


all rights reserved



Kennedynoise Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Stillborn Believer
Can you teach me to live without being alive
its not the lies told
the broken promises
raptures and suicides
failed romances
am i fool for believing
day in, day out always searching
online prophet
armchair activist
sell your body for social status
let the blind see
let the deaf hear
televangelist, brood of vipers

I'm not selling out
you’re just buying in
I'm not giving up
you’re just moving on
all the men of the cloth
with their suits and ties
the only love that they know
is found in worship songs

swing low sweet chariot
come and take me home

I hope what breaks my heart breaks yours
You’ve made love such a filthy word
we ask the same questions
time and time again
what does love mean
why do we exist
if there’s no god then what’s the point of this

all the men of the cloth
with their suits and their ties
without a love in your life
I’m a man of the cloth
your love is meaningless
Track Name: Brave New World
We define ourselves by titles
attach ourselves to the just cause
oh how can he, how dare they
is it because of me
is it all on them

we rally with battle cries
but we wield no weapons
just over saturated opinions
on why we’re right
why they’re wrong
and who’s to blame
passion simply misplaced
nothing changes, everything’s the same

hashtag revolution

it’s not the crippled in me
it’s the brokenness in you
you weren’t born with a golden tooth
but you just consume

so when does the heart become less valuable
less desirable, what gives it purpose, what gives it worth
so we blame the world and we teach our young
but can we have it both ways
to blame the divine and say we’re only animals

Mother, Father
gives us purpose
teach us meaning
give us worth

Mother, Father
love your neighbor
the hypocrisy
the cure is the disease

the ego, we have it
the status, we want it
the protest, we march in
In a world that has given itself to self worship
there's nothing left
Track Name: The Great Divorce
Well here we go again
a list of places that we could’ve lived
two hearts and a disconnect
life is, love is, in another place, another time
the words i should’ve said
the day will never spend
play on my ceiling
waiting for despair to end

i cant help but feel so defeated

the only thing I wish is to be stronger
if I could change thing I would change it all
blame it all on me if it lets you sleep

so defeated

every single day
its funny how you medicate
just too feel alive

Another nail in the coffin
throw the dirt in my grave
let me hide from your voice
I hope you give such a beautiful eulogy

this is the sound of a broken heart
Track Name: 1984
we’re all to blame
horrific headlines
created story lines
drowning in propaganda

its 1984
god save the king

rich hands love war
feed the dogs
give the pearls to the swine
feed the dogs
starve the poor

it’s only terror on our soil
it’s propaganda
murder is murder

seems just like yesterday
kill the poor
save the monarchy
I don’t buy it
god save the king
Track Name: Birthrite
Another day, another chapter
you look so good in pictures
easy comes as easy goes
nothing below the surface

your soul is in your clothes
you think what others speak
its easier to fall asleep
when you’re followed
being followed

an eye on your pocket
your life is a touch screen
capitalist catch phrase
i am my own god

prosperity gospel and the guilty poor
fill your heart with poison
get a degree
find your worth
this is nothing out of the ordinary

work will set you free
Track Name: The Screwtape Letters
Could I ever be anything less than what was created
I’ve tried so hard to forget
but every night in my dreams there's a light house
draw me closer to the pleasure of failure
I always tried to pretend
but every night in my dreams there's a lighthouse

like father, like mother, like sister , like brother
if you think I'm breaking down, I'm only breaking free
try harder

I can feel you underneath my skin
tried so hard to forget
but every night in my dreams there's a lighthouse

draw me close to the pleasure of my failure
seek the comfort of another

Every night in my dreams there's a lighthouse
I cant help it
can't shake the feeling from my skin
try to forget
its time to decide
try to find rest
every night in my dreams there's a lighthouse
Track Name: Incoming/Outgoing
well it's times like these
i lost it all again
betting on your flesh
and i know it's a curse
more like a disease
caused by humanity
blue eyes black hair
empty words broken vows

ill be another man
ill put on any mask
somebody told me that there's no one out there like me
i can tell you i don't care

well you know it's a long down from the pulpit
i cant help but feel a little bit homesick
you've got me pegged
hopeless romantic
but all I am
romantically hopeless

cant forget
cant move on hollow ground
but you want it this way
you can't right this wrong
old habits die hard
fell victim to my own heart
all its done is lead me astray

maybe you and I were never meant to know
maybe you would die if I ever let you go
I'm so sick of all of this
can’t blame the hopeless romantic

what can I say
you made me this way
all that's left is how I feel
I'm so sick
you made me this way

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