Other Failures

by Kennedy

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released June 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Kennedy Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Hate Crimes
I can't sleep anymore
since you left
it's only getting harder too
see your face
hear your voice
I wish I never knew your name
Say goodbye

Your purity is just a ring
it doesn't matter what you think

It's funny how we always said forever
It's funny how we are now, hate each other

Pen to paper

You routinely said that you would never stray
but here I am just a victim of routine

I thought you knew
but you don't
how did it get so bad

Your purity is just a ring
Track Name: Van Smash
Don't think, don't speak
you still play make belief
you tell me how to feel
but I can't feel a thing

You follow a voice
that you hear in your head
that tells you you're better
than all the rest
so send me your hungry
send me your poor

Poster child you're on top of the world

You always have to have your say
even when there's no one listening
tyranny in my country
don't think, don't speak
Track Name: Enable / Disable ft. Nathan Zorn and Keenan Pylychaty of Fall City Fall
I never thought you could sink so low
now I'm cornered no where to go
and I swear I've been here before
my chains have made their home
I don't need you
my demons they call me by name
better luck next time

I can see you now, we're perfect strangers
I can't contain my laughter
late nights and street lights
you were everything i wanted
but i wasn't what you needed

wont you say it now
doesn't your conscious want to be clean
and i know it
loving you is like a disease
I can see it wont believe it
I chose to live in my dreams
I'm so tired

I don't know who the fuck you think you are
these are my hands I heal nothing at all
so put the blade between your teeth
proceed to let you beliefs bleed
so you believe it meant anything to me

Don't you breath
Your words are a disease that is beautifully sung
your love is a noose that i gladly hang from

these are my hands they hold nothing at all
you wouldn't believe
if who you were then met who you are now
its getting harder just to stay asleep
Track Name: Rose City
I Know you're tired but who isn't? I'm arguing with my self, back and forth. I cant decide and you're stuck in the middle, Coming and going, breaking and growing. I have value, I swear I do. I just don't know who I am. I remember when I had it all figured out. I've been poisoning the earth, polluting my mind. I need air nothing makes sense at all. Keeping my past on a string, roped around my neck. I'm being dragged like a dog and I cant decide whats right or wrong.

Nothing makes sense at all.

I never thought I'd see this place again, I swear the walls are closing in. Every thing you wrote every word you said make up the noose supporting my head. Did you break my heart just to see if I'd let you break it again. Try to plug the holes of a sinking ship with your flesh and bones. My only hope is that I'll be as dead in death as I am right now. Do these words mean anything to you

So you'll say another lie just to get your heart beating, just to give your life meaning. I'm faceless, I'm no one, I'm nothing without you. I'm nothing because of you.