by Kennedy

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released June 26, 2012

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Gino Visconti



all rights reserved


Kennedy Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Permanent Fear Damage
And it seems i've come so far
Just to fall so far behind
am i the only one
well are we ever free or are we just free to die
you ask me why i believe
these walls feel like my grave
your question is my only reply
these walls feel like my grave
and there is no reason why
because im in bed with my doubts
i fell in love with my ghosts
false hope lives on
so set the stage for tyranny
where humanity is the disease
god bless the god less
the church bells ringing wake me from my sleep
the congregation prays for souls like me
preachers in buisness suits
profess the good news
its just a case of the sunday blues
you keep your god in a box
described in old worship songs
you keep your crosses on the alter were it belongs
what made you think that i wouldnt remember
that over time i would just forget
you promised me that things would get better
but you just took all that i had left
god bless the god less
raise your hands and the tare the sky
Track Name: Incoming/Outgoing
well its times like these
i lost it all again
betting on your flesh
and i know its a curse
but its more like a disease
caused by humanity
blue eyes black hair
empty words broken vows
ill be another man
ill put on any mask
somebody told me that theres no one out there like me
i can tell you i dont care
well you know its a long way down from the pulpit
and i cant help but feel a little bit homesick
youve get me pegged the hopeless romantic
but all ive been is romantically hopeless
cant forget cant move on
on hollow ground
but you love it this way
you cant right this wrong
old habits they die hard
fell victim to my own heart
all its done is lead me astray
maybe you and i were never meant to know
cant blame a hopeless romantic
cant help but feel a bit homesick
oh what can i say
but you made me this way
and all thats left is how i feel
cause i am sick sick sick
Track Name: Transcendent Man
well death seems so far away
it's become something momentary
a lapse of time untill
my eyes open again
and i can see my breah crystalize
i can feel the earth in my veins
i refused to be a kin
with machine
raping whats left of my humanity
old man die young
theres nothing left to say
theres nothing left to give but hope
put your father to rest
hes dead and gone
these streets arent paved with gold
your lifes work is in vain
you cant recreate a soul
its all in his name
you dont know where ive been
and well create a god to look just like you
Track Name: Joker
i wont be discouraged by the fall of democracy
and i wont worship the gods of
the men in the treasury
its been said its been done before
but this time its reality
and I've dreamt of a coffin
and inside was our liberty
you love their lies
reuse the noose recycled news
we've got a wedding to cure the blues
paid to die die to get paid
because we all know things don't ever change
our freedom is a memory
and it seems you've go the best of me
the weak they just need a king
god damn the usa
the weak are last we have lost our souls
everyone's gathered
with drinks and laughter
with an overtone of irony
there's jeans and suits
dresses and shoes
playing charades
politically amused
we dug our graves
we took his body and buried it in the sea
same color same flag
red white and blue